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Q. What is MTN Shortz?
A. MTN Shortz is an aggregated set of short-form video content (video < 10min) arranged in channels accessed via the MTN Play website. It is an ecosystem showcasing video content from diverse categories with the aim of creating monetization opportunities for content creators.
Q. How will Customers access MTN Shortz?
A. Customer can access MTN Shortz on MTN Play via the following URL: https://shortz.mtnonline.com/ Or Dial *700*1#
Q. Who can subscribe to MTN Shortz?
A. MTN Shortz is available to all MTN customers on Prepaid and Postpaid Plans
Q. I am on MTN Shortz platform, how can I watch a video?
A. To watch a video, you click ‘WATCH NOW’ button below your preferred video. If video is premium, you will receive a prompt to subscribe to the channel.
Q. What happens after I send the subscription request?
A. You will be charged the channel fee and will subsequently be granted access only to view all videos within the channel (provided you have a data plan)
Q. How many channels can I subscribe to?
A. You can subscribe to all channels on Shortz
Q. How much will I be charged for subscribing to a Shortz Channel?
A. You will be charged the applicable channel fee.
Q. When I subscribe to a channel can I download the videos for offline viewing?
A. No, videos cannot be downloaded.
Q. Will my MTN Shortz subscription auto-renew?
A. Yes, your Shortz subscription renews automatically once you have enough airtime.